PT. TRI ADE DAYA - General Construction Contractor - International & Domestic Cargo






1. Sorting / Collection

  • Centralized Mailroom to undertake mail sorting
  • Internal mail distribution
  • Sorting of Incoming/outgoing mails for departments within Smart Express
  • Sorting of Incoming/outgoing mails for Smart Express branches within Jakarta
  • Sorting of Incoming hand delivered mail / from courier


2. Distribution

  • Sort outgoing mails received from various department or sub-units into individual cost-center
  • Sort outgoing local and overseas mails
  • Weigh and calculate postage for local and overseas mails
  • Check to ensure postage printing is clear on envelopes
  • Record postage incurred and balance postage used daily and monthly
  • Maintain statistic and file records
  • Reconcile invoices from all courier


3. Registered

  • Record all incoming and outgoing registered mails to and from courier company
  • Deliver mail to recipient and file records
  • Maintain Statistic (TT Report by courier only)


4. Dispatch / Clear Trays

  • Deliver mails / Parcels delivered at Mailroom
  • Distribute covers to departments and clear the out trays
  • Dispatch urgent covers to recipients within an hour


5. Documentation

  • Statistic of incoming and outgoing mail in department order for cost allocation
  • Monthly report on various performance parameters of Mailroom Services


6. Mail Tracking

  • Track the movement of mail upon request
  • File report on mail movement and delivery reports